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December 15, 2018

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December 15, 2018

Dec. 13, 2018 — Researchers have observed a previously unrecognized behavior in a single-celled parasite called Spironucleus vortens, which infects ornamental fish such as angelfish: The protozoans ... read more

New Techniques Better Determine How Ancient Viral DNA Influences Human Genes

Dec. 13, 2018 — New laboratory techniques can identify which of our genes are influenced by DNA snippets that are left behind in our genetic code by ... read more

Septin Proteins Act as Cellular Police to Identify, Imprison and Kill 'Superbug' Shigella

Dec. 13, 2018 — A protein family found naturally in our cells could help stop the spread of dangerous drug resistant infections by using 'detective' like powers to collect evidence of bacterial infection ... read more

Helping the Anti-Parasitic Medicine Go Down

Dec. 12, 2018 — An international team has developed a novel pharmaceutical formulation to administer triclabendazole -- an anti-parasitic drug used to treat a type of flatworm infection -- in billions of tiny ... read more

Clearest View Ever of Cell Membrane Yields Unexpected Structure, Research Possibilities

Dec. 12, 2018 — Scientists have gained the clearest view yet of a patch of cell membrane and its components, revealing unexpected structures and opening up new possibilities for pharmaceutical ... read more

Dec. 12, 2018 — Figuring out how bacteria bring in nutrients could point to ways of killing them without poison. More generally, this research could also reveal how small organisms cooperate by generating networks ... read more

Researchers Reverse Engineer Way Pine Trees Produce Green Chemicals Worth Billions

Dec. 12, 2018 — Researchers have reverse engineered the way a pine tree produces a resin, which could serve as an environmentally friendly alternative to a range of fossil-fuel based products worth billions of ... read more

Buzz! Slap! Ow! Taking the Virus out of a Mosquito's Bite

Dec. 12, 2018 — They approach with the telltale sign -- a high-pitched whine. It's a warning that you are a mosquito's next meal. But that mosquito might carry a virus, and now the virus is in you. Now, ... read more

Dec. 11, 2018 — A new study has found that an antimicrobial chemical called triclosan is abundant in dust -- and linked to changes in its genetic makeup. The result is dust with organisms that could cause an ... read more

Gut Microbiome May Affect Some Anti-Diabetes Drugs

Dec. 11, 2018 — Why do orally-administered drugs for diabetes work for some people but not others? According to researchers, bacteria that make up the gut microbiome may be the ... read more

Dec. 11, 2018 — Researchers have genetically transformed the Common Primrose (Primula vulgaris) for the first time in a development that could shed light on one of the plant world's most renowned reproductive ... read more

Dec. 11, 2018 — Researchers developed an imitation comparable to mother-of-pearl, the physical properties of which can be specifically ... read more

Dec. 11, 2018 — Chemistry professors used the Google algorithm PageRank to identify key amino acids in the regulation of a bacterial enzyme essential for most ... read more

Researchers Identify Additional Mechanisms at Play in Insecticide Resistance

Dec. 11, 2018 — Researchers have used a bioinformatics approach to integrate information from multiple studies on insecticide resistance in mosquitoes and uncovered a number of important resistance mechanisms that ... read more

Study Links Frequent Red Meat Consumption to High Levels of Chemical Associated With Heart Disease

Dec. 11, 2018 — Researchers have identified another reason to limit red meat consumption: high levels of a gut-generated chemical called trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), that also is linked to heart disease. ... read more

Dec. 11, 2018 — Human norovirus is a major cause of infections that can be particularly dangerous to children and elderly people. Here, a research team found that human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived ... read more

Dec. 10, 2018 — The ammonia oxidizing archaea, or Thaumarchaeota, are amongst the most abundant marine microorganisms. Yet, we are still discovering which factors allow them to thrive in the ocean: A new publication ... read more

Dec. 10, 2018 — Researchers have developed a biotechnological tool to produce, in a very efficient manner, antifungal proteins in the leaves of the plant Nicotiana benthamiana. These proteins are promising ... read more

The Fauna in the Antarctica Is Threatened by Pathogens Humans Spread in Polar Latitudes

Dec. 10, 2018 — The fauna in the Antarctica could be in danger due the pathogens humans spread in places and research stations in the southern ... read more

A Code for Reprogramming Immune Sentinels

Dec. 7, 2018 — For the first time, a research team has successfully reprogrammed mouse and human skin cells into immune cells called dendritic cells. The process is quick and effective, representing a pioneering ... read more

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