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February 15, 2019

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February 15, 2019

Absentmindedness Points to Earlier Warning Signs of Silent Strokes Among People at Risk

Feb. 6, 2019 — Adults who notice that they frequently lose their train of thought or often become sidetracked may in fact be displaying earlier symptoms of cerebral small vessel disease, otherwise known as a ... read more

Depression Increases Risk of Early Death in Older Adults

Feb. 6, 2019 — A research team designed a study to investigate the role depression symptoms play in an increased risk of death over time. The team also examined the role heart disease and stroke play in the link ... read more

A New Culprit in Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer's Disease

Feb. 5, 2019 — Scientists have shown for the first time that a blood-clotting protein called fibrinogen is responsible for a series of molecular and cellular events that can destroy connections between neurons in ... read more

Biggest Ever Map of Human Alzheimer's Brain

Feb. 4, 2019 — A study of the differences between healthy brains and those with Alzheimer's disease has produced largest dataset of its type ever. And the data is now freely available online for any scientist ... read more

Exercise Benefits Brains, Changes Blood Flow in Older Adults, Study Finds

Jan. 31, 2019 — Exercise training alters brain blood flow and improves cognitive performance in older adults, though not in the way you might think. A new study showed that exercise was associated with improved ... read more

Scientists Shed Light on Processes Behind Age-Related Decline in Brain Structures

Jan. 31, 2019 — Aging can cause damage to support cells in the white matter, which in turn may lead to damage in the grey matter of the hippocampus, finds a new ... read more

Nano-Encapsulation Technology Enhances DHA Absorption for Early Brain Development

Jan. 31, 2019 — Scientists have announced the findings on novel nano-encapsulation technology for optimizing the maternal and fetal absorption of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The research aimed to address the ... read more

New Findings About Anti-Malaria Drug

Jan. 29, 2019 — Researchers have unveiled the molecular effectiveness of artemisinins. The findings could lead to drugs for diseases such as Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and ... read more

What You Eat Could Impact Your Brain and Memory

Jan. 28, 2019 — High levels of a satiety hormone could decrease a person's likelihood of developing Alzheimer's disease. For individuals who have higher levels of the hormone, their chance of having mild ... read more

Lowering Blood Pressure Reduces Risk of Cognitive Impairment

Jan. 28, 2019 — Intensive control of blood pressure in older people significantly reduced the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a precursor of early dementia, in a clinical ... read more

In Life and Death, Alzheimer's Disease Looks Different Among Hispanic Patients

Jan. 24, 2019 — Researchers report that autopsies of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease when they were alive -- and confirmed by autopsy -- indicate many cognitive issues symptomatic of the condition ... read more

Sleep Deprivation Accelerates Alzheimer's Brain Damage

Jan. 24, 2019 — A study in mice and people shows that sleep deprivation causes tau levels to rise and tau tangles to spread through the brain. Tau tangles are associated with Alzheimer's disease and brain ... read more

Jan. 24, 2019 — Researchers have the first PET scan-documented case of improvement in brain metabolism in Alzheimer's disease in a patient treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy ... read more

Teaching Human Cells to Clean House to Delay Aging and Fight Neurodegeneration

Jan. 24, 2019 — Researchers have unlocked a key process in all human cells that contributes to diseases like cancer and neurodegenerative diseases as well as aging. The discovery reveals how cells efficiently get ... read more

New Science Details Discovery of Bacterial Pathogen in Brains of Alzheimer's Patients

Jan. 23, 2019 — New science uncovers how an unlikely culprit, Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg) -- the bacterium commonly associated with chronic gum disease -- appears to drive Alzheimer's disease (AD) ... read more

Unexpected Link Found Between Feeding and Memory Brain Areas

Jan. 21, 2019 — Researchers reveal an unexpected connection between the lateral hypothalamus and the hippocampus, the respective feeding and the memory centers of the ... read more

Jan. 19, 2019 — By closely examining a special neuron receptor that is involved in memory, learning, and much more, researchers have identified a hidden molecular 'pocket.' By creating chemical compounds ... read more

Jan. 18, 2019 — Researchers have developed a way to dramatically enhance the sensitivity of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), a technique used to study the structure and composition of many kinds of ... read more

Frailty Could Make People More Susceptible to Dementia

Jan. 17, 2019 — New research suggests that frailty makes older adults more susceptible to Alzheimer's dementia, and moderates the effects of dementia-related brain changes on dementia symptoms. The findings ... read more

Psychological Distress Is a Risk Factor for Dementia

Jan. 17, 2019 — A new study suggests that vital exhaustion -- which can be perceived as an indicator of psychological distress -- is a risk factor for future risk of ... read more

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